Our coffee and teas are organic from Orange County-based roaster The Lost Bean. Our coffee blend is sourced from Sumatra, Ethiopia and Colombia.


Unlike most boba places, we create our drinks using real ingredients instead of artificially flavored powders. We also use real milk (and offer dairy alternatives) instead of non-dairy creamer powder. That’s why you won’t see any machines shaking our boba cups.


Unlike most boba shops, we don’t use fructose to sweeten our drinks. We make our own simple syrups.

After living in Vietnam and traveling abroad, Jenn moved back to California and found herself missing the coffee culture of Vietnam, which was centered around people building and nurturing relationships with the community around them.  No matter what time of day or how busy people were, people always had time to stop for a cup of coffee or boba.

Jenn searched for friendly places in and near her neighborhood that offered high quality ingredients but found them to be lacking. So she started making her own drinks at home, and after a lot of experimentation to perfect her recipes, she decided to put her life savings into opening her own cafe, a special space to create connections with the people around her.

In November 2019, Jenn opened Kaffeine Alley, a cafe located in her childhood city of Anaheim Hills that offers coffee- and tea-based drinks influenced by different cultures while rooted in Vietnamese tradition. Kaffeine Alley prides itself in offering quality organic coffee and teas from The Lost Bean, hand-crafted simple syrups, and alternative dairy options. None of that high fructose corn syrup and powders here.